Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Deep in my heart

Assalamualaikum kepada pelawat kebun Epal

i never stopped loving you but i stopped showing it to you. you don't know how much i wan't to say hi to you until i feel my heart aching. i love you and that's the problem..sometimes i wish you can feel my feelings. no matter how much you hurt me with your attitude and your silence but i will still love you even as a my friend. why am i still loving you when you never loved me? you hurt me more than i deserve,how can you be so cruel? i love you more than you deserve, why am i such a fool? no matter what, i'm happy to know you...but on other hand, i feel so upset when someone i know became someone i knew..:D nah..it's still okey for me.. aja aja fighting!

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