Sunday, 29 May 2011



Somehow I understand now
The reason why you stop and look down
You can’t begin to talk about ‘breaking up’
Our shadow fell on the pavement
Are overlap on top of each other
Two feelings will leave now
You must have met a different love
Can’t find the words to keep you here beside me

Why goodbye
Why the end

But to say that that’s a lie
Our hands grow colder since we let go
We’ll become strangers
Why'd you cry after saying sorry
I might end up embracing you
As memories piled up
Before that change into pain
Here is the final smile, let us say goodbye...

I’ll be fine by myself
The first time I lie
In hope it will stop your tears
It’s really important
I dont want to say it exactly
It'll bring up stranded emotion but…
I wish for your happiness more then anyone

Even though I pretend to be strong, I want to tell you ‘thank you’
Even goodbye
Even regrets
It’s the prove of what we once were
So it seems with you
Our memories will continue to exist

I’ll try to forget
Try to put it off our chest
Season both chopped
Let’s look to the new future
Hurriedly you rush away, behind your back
With a final smile, I say goodbye…

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